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 CoastalBendHSC services Rockport , Aransas Pass, Calallen, Corpus Christi, Ingleside, Mathis, Odem, Portland, Sinton, Taft, Victoria and Port Lavaca. We provide tile and grout restoration, grout staining, grout repair, stone and concrete surface restoration solutions for residential and commercial establishments.
 We are a locally owned and operated company based in Rockport, Texas. We specialize in hard floor surfaces covered with tile, travertine, porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, slate, and all natural stone. We can clean, seal, colorseal (grout stain), hone and polish your surface as well as grout repair.
 Why, in desperation do so many people resort to bleach and acids to attempt to clean their grout and tile? Then when this method fails, attempt to scrub and scour the filth away without results?

 When it comes to cleaning, few things are as difficult and aggravating to the average homeowner as dirty grout. You try scrubbing, scraping, mopping and soaking but nothing seems to work. This is because the dirt and stains have gone beyond the range of most simple cleaning methods. Our system is proven to return your tile, grout, natural stone, concrete, marble, ceramic, porcelain, travertine or slate to a like new clean. We use a state of the art truck mounted system that powers out the dirt, grease, bacteria and grime, followed by our sealing treatment to protect the clean grout. This helps the floor to stay cleaner longer and to resist spills and stains. Cleaning your floors is simple and easy. Just pick up the phone and give us a call, that's all it takes. You'll be amazed to see what our system can do for your floors.

 The Problem: If you consider that seemingly smooth surfaces become scratched and dulled from daily abrasion and this in turn creates micro hiding places for dirt, oils and bacteria; conventional cleaning methods, for the most part, never truly work. In addition, the condition worsens in a short amount of time and creates an unacceptable floor that can't be cleaned using a mop and water. The newer ceramic tile flooring creates a problem on two fronts. First, the tile surfaces are engineered with more texture than ever before making the mop less useful and effective. Secondly, and even more noticeable and problematic, the grout between the tiles has even more texture to trap dirt residue left by mopping. Mopping simply takes the dirt from the top of the tile and deposits it in the low lying grout lines where the water evaporates leaving behind the dry and crusty dirt and germs.

 The Solution: The only true way to accomplish this is to release the material from its anchoring place by using a chemical to emulsify the dirt, grime and bacteria. The power of using pressurized water is the answer. The force of the water can seek out unwanted grime that is hidden in microscopic pockets displacing the deposits and removing them along with the chemical residues and bacteria. When combined with simultaneous extraction of the water after it cleans the surface, you have a virtual one pass cleaning process.

 The Restore: chemicals can dilute grime well enough but unless a more efficient method to remove it is used, this slurry only soaks into the grout deeper. One might consider the use of a wet vacuum to try to improve the removal process. However, this method still comes up way short of the desired, bacteria free, clean floor. Cleaning chemicals can dilute grime well enough but unless a more efficient method to remove it is used, this slurry only soaks into the grout deeper.


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