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CoastalBendHSC Residential Services

Chances are, you spent a lot of money for your home. You probably spend a lot to keep it looking its best as well. Why would you clean the bathroom sinks and toilets and not clean the grout between the tiles? You probably answered the same way as most of our customers do....HOW do i clean the tile and grout? Dirty grout can be difficult or impossible to clean using conventional methods. Because grout is a porous material, soap scum, mold and bacteria can get a real hold on your grout. Even if you clean the surface mold, chances are it will return quickly. Why? Because the mold is not only on the surface, it is rooted into the pores of the grout. Cleaning it off the surface is equivalent to cutting your grass. The top is gone but the roots are still there and will grow again.

 With our system, we not only clean the surface, we sanitize the tile and grout with up to 230 degrees of heat. Thus killing the bacteria and mold that reside on the surface and in the grout joints. Our extraction process also helps to lift away the contaminants along with the dirty water and carries it into our truck mounted holding tank. Once the surface and grout are clean, we can then seal the clean sanitized grout preventing water and bacteria from entering it entirely. This keeps your grout looking new longer and also makes cleaning a snap.

  Bathrooms are just one area that needs attention and cleaning. Floors and counter tops also need to be cleaned thoroughly, especially in food prep areas. Many natural stone counter-tops, like granite and marble, are not sealed by the installers. New floors and showers are usually not sealed when installed. This is because a new floor or surface needs to properly cure and dry before being sealed. This gives the setting material time to dry by letting air in and moisture out through the unsealed surface. By this time, most installers don't want to make another trip to complete the sealing process. Leaving your natural stone and grout vulnerable to the elements and accidents that occur to your surfaces. A literal breading ground for bacteria and mold. Not all surfaces need to be sealed. However, most grout should be. Ask your technician if your tile or grout is a candidate to be sealed. Mopping or cleaning a floor containing grout that has not been sealed simply takes the dirt off the top of the tile and deposits it into the low lying grout where it is absorbed and left to grow and smell. Properly cleaned and sealed surfaces stay healthier and cleaner longer.

 Don't take our word for it, call us today for a free evaluation and demonstration on your surfaces. Or just simply provide the information on our Contact Us page and we will contact you to schedule an appointment. We'll do a thorough evaluation of your surfaces and give you an accurate and fair price for the work to be performed. I personally guarantee it!

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